A. Material

GRC: Chopped glass fiber premixed with cement, 5% fiber content.

MGO: glass fiber layers with MgO, 4% fiber content.

B. Material Characteristics

(1) Concrete is a relatively stable material.

(2) 3-4 hours per molding, only 2 molding per day.

(3) Molded body needs 28 days’ fully reacting and maintaining, then the strength reach 100% and no more future reaction.

(4) Natural concrete color available.

(5) 30-50% labor cost higher than MgO.

(1) MgO is not stable than GRC material.

(2) 2-3 hours per molding, 3-4 molding per day.

(3) Molded body need 10 days’ maintaining, MgO always react with water, so the surface needs to be covered by paint.

(4) Surface must be painted only, thus it’s easily repaired after molding.

(5) Less production time, lower cost.

C. Material & Technology

The body always keep stable in long time use under all weather in outdoor, it can be used for more than 3 years.

After 1 to 3 years outdoor using, the paint will be slowly destroyed, water will enter and react with MgO, glass fiber will be destroyed during the reaction. Surface painting will be chipped off and body will be broken.

MGO is common craft, used by most of the fire pit manufacturer.

D. Negative Feedback of MgO

E. Conclusion


Best material for outdoor, high technology process and high production requirements bring the body stable and durable.

The GRC Fire Pit can be used with long life circle in outdoor.

The defective rate for our GRC fire pits keep under 1% in 3 years of sales.


MGO is unstable material for outdoor fire pit, so common craft makes the body not strong enough.

MGO always reacting with water causes the fire pit painting peeled, need to use cover otherwise surface will easy damaged and bring risk during the usage.

After 2 years of outdoor using, about 3%-5% claim from customers. The defective rate increasing to more than 5-10% in the next year.

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