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How to repaint fire pit?


  • We painting these fire pits in different steps or in different ways.
    • To have a evenly color effect, we paint them in 5 times, seal coat – primer coat ( basic color ) – hand painting 1 or 2 times – protective paint.
    • Concrete look (Natural mottled) – basic color mixing in cement while molding , after demold for at least 7 days, cover with seal coat/protective coat.
  • The surface of the fire pit is covered with protective coat ( It can be lasted in outdoor for more than 2 years. ), the new painting with high probability may come off after a period of time. If we had to repainted them, do as below.

First of all, cleaning up fire pit surface completely.

( Using sand-paper to polishing surface of fire pits until it looks ugly, to make sure protective coat are sweeped away )

Second, color painting, pay attention to the thickness of the painting.

  • Water paint ( Recommed, formaldehyde is less )
  • Outdoor paint
  • Interior decoration paint
  • Metallic paint
  • Oil paint

Third, covered with protective coating (one of varnish).

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