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Burner System

Gas Burner

It is made of high quality stainless steel 304 and has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, deformation resistance, abrasion resistance, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, etc.

Adopting the most advanced shaping equipment and welding technology, it is durable, not easy to deform and not easy to break.

Products can be customized according to different needs to meet the requirements of different customers.

L880mm & 580mm

Burner rings are available in two sizes, 880 and 580 millimeter, adaptable for different size and BTU requirement. Providing BTU maximum at 65K which is 19 Kilowatts.


350 millimeter burner ring is available to provide BTU at 50K-65K (14.65 to 19 kilowatts), with small upward holes to make the flame look more middle and beautiful.


Diameter at 250 millimeter is available to providing BTU maximum at 50K which is 14.65 Kilowatts. Suitable drop in small size gas fire pit. Simple but not simple.


The small and lean propane/ natural gas burner systerm is not inferior to the larger burner, which can provide BTU at 30K heating output, which around 8.79 Kilowatts.

BIO-Ethanol Burner

To provide a more environmentally friendly way of heating, most gas fire pits can be changed to this kind of burners, can be used indoors, customized, exclusively.